S/S 1999 Prada Side Bag


Large side bag from Prada's iconic 1999 Spring Summer collection.

Hands down one of the most memorable Prada shows, if not the most, the S/S 99 was a pivotal moment for techwear in fashion. Luxury and noble materials like leather & linen were paired with nylon, webbing straps, reflective details and an overall tech-inspired aesthetic.

Numerous products and designs that are considered mainstays of the brand derive from this very show.

This side bag is part of that collection and follows the design ethos of all the bags featured on the runway show. Not your ordinary Prada bag.

The bag is made out of an off-white nylon taffeta with a large front compartment and a latex pocket on front. Velcro-fastened. Features a reflective strip on top of the fastening part.

Great condition for its age. The bag shows some signs of wear, normal for the product's age. Latex pouch has yellowed with time. The Prada plaque in the interior of the bag has caused some oxidation stains around it.

Big piece for all the fashion savvy people out there.