CP Company

Late 80s CP Company Marina Sweatshirt


Rare CP Company Marina sweatshirt from the brand's "Undersixteen" range.

While it is weird to see the term "Marina" alongside CP Company, both the "Undersixteen" youth line and the Asian production CP Company pieces used to mix & match names and logos from other Massimo Osti brands to create rare, and special hybrids such as this one. For example, some of the "Undersixteen" CP Company jackets used to bear a badge on the sleeve just like Stone Island.

These pieces are highly desired between collectors for their novelty and rarity, but since they came from the brand's youth line a lot of the ones that are out there are too small to be used, fortunately that is not the case with this one.

This Massimo Osti-designed sweatshirt is constructed of a supple neoprene material, giving it a great structure and look.

Very good condition, the sweatshirt shows minor signs of use, and no marks, holes or rips, the collar has become a bit loose.

Labelled a size 16, it fits an adult's large. Roomy, wide fit.

Great addition to any Osti collection.