Fashion Victim

1997 Vampire The Masquerade T-Shirt


Very rare logo tee of the role play game "Vampire: The Masquerade".

Officially released t-shirt of the Vampire tabletop role-playing game featuring the game's gothic logo in blood red on front. Highly desirable Fashion Victim release, one of the most coveted tags amongst vintage tees.

This is a rare and extremely collectible t-shirt for any RPG enthusiast in an even rarer deadstock condition.

To top it off, Juicy J off Three 6 Mafia wore this shirt on the cover of Murder Magazine in 1997.

Deadstock, the item has never been used, it comes from the personal archive of a collector who credited this. The shirt has been washed and tested for dry rot. Color has faded a bit after the wash.

Labelled XL, it has a wide fit.

Big grail-status piece right here.