Fruit Of The Loom

2002 8 Mile Spanish Release T-Shirt


Deadstock, promo t-shirt from the Spanish release of the movie 8 Mile, or in Spanish, "8 Millas".

8 Mile was huge worldwide and it was just another stepping stone for Eminem, undoubtedly one of the hottest rappers of the early 2000's. The Detroit rapper was also huge in Spain, being one of the few rappers known by the mainstream audience here at that moment. 8 Mile even got his own, Spanish-style, butchered renaming, "8 Millas".

Great piece of nostalgia featuring the logo of the movie printed in gold on a black FoTL blank.

The tee is 100% original and not a bootleg, lots of official Spanish-released merch of international artists at the time didn't come with licensing on the shirt.

Deadstock, it has never been worn, you'll be the first one to rock it.

Labelled XL, fits closer to a wide large.

Pit to pit: 58cm

Length: 71cm

You gotta check yourself if you don't get excited by this shirt.