1999 Prada Nylon Side Bag


Understated large side bag in Prada’s classic nylon.

Starting in the late 90s Prada’s side bags have become a staple in fashion, this example comes from those early days of Prada bags.

Released in 1999 this bag is constructed of a midnight blue hue of Prada’s iconic nylon fabric with an incredibly high-end look & feel.

In true original Prada fashion, that once opted for discretion and subtleness, it features Prada’s triangle logo on the back of the bag, meant to be hidden when worn.

Large sized for a crossbody bag bag but smaller than a messenger bag.

Features multiple zipped pockets on front and in the inside.

Excellent condition, it still retains that high-end luster after more than 20 years.

Wide: 41cm

Length: 30cm