S/S 1999 Prada Canvas Shoulder Bag


Small canvas/leather shoulder bag from Prada.

Classic Prada bag finished in natural-colored canvas with dark brown leather accents. This colorway and use of materials was first introduced by Prada for their Spring/Summer 1999 collections, in which more "noble" materials such as suiting wool or this type of cotton canvas were mixed with leather to create sporty-looking side bags and accessories. This bag was probably released as part of the 1999 menswear collection since the color palette is closer to the one used for the men's collection.

This fixed length shoulder/side bag features two main compartments one zipped and one velcro. It bears the Prada triangle emblem on the inner side of it. Note that most of the 1999 side bags featuring the Prada emblem were meant to be worn with the emblem side in for a more subtle and discreet look.

Very good condition, the bag shows minor signs of wear.

Short length strap, meant to be worn over the shoulder.