1998 Oakley Flesh Goldenrod Sneakers


Highly coveted Oakley "Flesh" slip-on sneakers from 1998.

The late '90s-early '00s saw Oakley at its peak, the brand's groundbreaking designs and their actions with the Chicago Bulls dream-team or Andre Agassi gained them icon status and cult following.

But not only the sunglasses were cool, all Oakley products from this era had that same organically futuristic aesthetic that made the brand so big.

One clear example of this was Oakley's footwear, and specially the "Flesh" shoes.

Designed to function as a second skin they featured minimalistic uppers and intricate trail-like soles, molded for "maximum traction".

This example comes in a beautiful "Goldenrod" colored suede and it is in immaculate condition.

Comes with its original box and subscription postcard.

Size mens US6.0 / womens US7.5 / EUR 38.5 / CM 24.0.

Will ship double boxed.