1994 Monet Rouen Exhibition T-Shirt


Deadstock t-shirt from the 1994 Monet exhibition at Rouen.

Between 1892 and 1894, while Monet was living in Rouen, he painted a series of 30 paintings of the city's cathedral as an exercise of light and atmosphere examination, he always painted the same view of the cathedral but the outcome was always different. He choose different moments of the day and different climatic conditions along seasons and years to capture all the visual variations that would happen.

In 1994 the city of Rouen hosted an exhibition of 16 of the 30 paintings serving as a recap of this series, this shirt comes from that very exhibition in brand new in bag condition.

Hanes Top-T single stitched blank.

4 units available, only one opened for display and pictures.

Deadstock, brand new in bag condition.

Labelled XL, fits true to size.