Terms & Conditions

All sales are final, no returns are accepted.

All goods are vintage and thus have been worn. Please examine the pictures and description provided for each product to ensure correct awareness of the product's condition, nevertheless, there can be minor faults and flaws that have not been captured when listed, but should be regarded as common and reasonable given that all items have been used to some extent.

Items listed as "deadstock" are new and unused but still can be decades old. Any marks or defects caused from long-term storage will be showcased in the product pictures and description. Sealed deadstock products will not be ripped open in order to ensure the best collectible value, marks and defects happening in such items cannot be checked the seller takes all responsibility when buying such products.

All products offered are guaranteed authentic unless listed as "bootleg". Quality Sportswear doesn't take responsibility over authenticity issues on "bootleg" listed products.

The size indicated in a product page will always be the labelled size stated by the manufacturer, in case of a missing label the size indicated will be the approximate size based on fitting and measurements, additionally, all products feature how the item fits like in the description, as well as the measurements in centimeters. Please make sure to check the sizing information and measurements before purchasing an article since labelled sizes can vary drastically depending on the manufacturer/age.

Quality Sportswear merchandise products are brand new and have never been used. The items could exceptionally present excess stitching that can be cut off and do not affect the product integrity and functionality. Quality Sportswear doesn't take responsibility for these issues since they don't make the product faulty.